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If they didn’t have a stable and consistent back end, they could not afford to make a loss on the front end.In Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits coaching program, which I am a member of, Rich explores the front end/back end combination and strongly recommends all of his students consider a back end as the true path to business success long term.Now we head into the meaty section of the Sales Funnel, the back end, where the big profits are made.If you haven’t read the first two parts of this series make sure to catch up, starting with the sales funnel explained and a look at front end marketing.The entire sales funnel is about numbers – opt-in rates and conversion rates.

The specific distinction between the front end and the back end is all about the type of customer and the price paid.

How many people buy your entry level products and then go on to buy higher priced products in the back end.

Once again, the back end proves reliable and predictable and this is the main reason for establishing a back end in the first place.

As I discussed in the last article, the front end of your sales funnel is all about capturing the attention of prospects, people inclined to desire want you provide. The expectation is a certain number of your leads will convert into customers and a small but very responsive group, will buy up everything you offer.

This last group are called your “hyper-responsives” and it’s this group that is responsible for a significant proportion of your profits because they fuel your back end sales.

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