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The sight head is mounted on top of a Lucas Harold Stabilizer (L-9404).The stabilizer has a Directional Panel and a Directional Arm lock both of which are used with the C-1 autopilot.On top of the stabilizer is an Automatic Bombing Computer with the HH-1 Tangent Scale Kit.The stabilizer is mounted to a B-7 bombsight mount.Even today people still marvel at the super secret Norden Bombsight.The development and use of this great computer is a fascinating story.The B-7 mount is the typical mount used in all of the mid to late war Army aircraft like the B-17G, B-24, B-25, A-26 and the B-29. The Bomb Sight Head mounts to the stainless steel gear and brass bushing on the upper right end of the stabilizer.

If you have any information, photos or stories that you would like to contribute please send it to me as I would like to have as much information posted here as possible.

The optics cradle is connected to a gyro which keeps the optics stabilized with reference to the ground.

The Norden bomb sight is made up of two principal parts; the sight head (pictured above) and the stabilizer (pictured below) which the sight head mounts on top of.

I am also looking for any bombsights parts, components, accessories and technical information for the Norden, Sperry or any other bombsight.

If you have anything that might be of interest please let me know by e-mailing me at [email protected] fact this is the probably the most famous Norden Bomb Sight of them all.

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