Dating pictures pink hair

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Achieving a buttery blonde look like Reese Witherspoon is easy to do, and will undoubtedly fool everyone into thinking you were born with golden locks.RELATED: 9 Ways Grown-Ups Can Pull Off the Fun Pink Hair Trend Dyeing your hair deep, dark shades might seem more like a winter thing, but this gorgeous jet black hue is popping up year-round.

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Going with neutral colors — the ones between warm and cool shades — gives you a natural color that won't look a bit dyed.

When Gwen Stefani had that pink 70s feathered ‘do, I was smitten. (She’s the one who writes about her “Beauty Adventures” for Elle--she’s been practically maimed in the pursuit of beauty.

But the truth is, I’ve always wanted to try pink hair.

Cream soda blonde, seen here on Elisabeth Moss, is warm but still neutral enough to look good on almost everyone.

If you're not into obviously-dyed platinum blonde shades, something a little more natural-looking can be just as striking.

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