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It succeeded the building on which in 1653 were posted up scandalous papers tending to the disturbance of the poor. 3) It was his uncle, Sir William Drake, bart., who in 1657 built the six almshouses lower down on the south side of the street.They consist of six one-story tenements surrounding on three sides a courtyard and form a good example of 17th-century brickwork.In documents of the early 18th century it is referred to as the property of James Child. 12) His family existed for generations at Amersham, (fn. In 1598 they quarrelled over a close with the Snells, (fn.15) who are also represented to-day by a farm bearing their name.The ejected inmates declared that the reason for this violent action was the desire of Mr.

Very disorderly scenes were enacted here on 31 October 1699, when several poor old women were turned out at the instigation of the governors to make room for some persons, one of whom was a Quaker, another a drunkard, and another a dissolute and scolding woman.The easy communication with London has led to the development of the northern heights of the parish, where a large and growing villa community forms the new town, but the parish, nevertheless, abounds in old houses and other memorials of the past. 1540, speaks of it as 'a right praty market [towne] on Friday, of on strete well buildyd with tymbar,' (fn.2) and it retains to the present day much of its old-world character.The rectangular house to the west of the Swan Inn is of 1678.One other inn may be mentioned, the 'Elephant and Castle' on the north side of High Street, a half-timber house with gabled front and an old brick chimney at the east.

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