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According to the Urban Dictionary, Tinder is “the Mc Donald’s for sex”.Well, that may be a little bit far-fetched, but there’s definitely some truth to the hype.Fear not, if you’re already at this stage – there will always be a ‘Yes’.If for some odd reason it’s still a ‘no’, this means you probably didn’t listen to any of my advice in this article.Luckily for us, Tinder is a big success in Groningen.Nearly 50,000 students, many of them are single and looking for dates.

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Police estimate that Aussies send around million to internet scammers every month!

Grab your phone, start swiping left and right, and if you follow the guidelines below – glory is within reach.

That’s unless you are really a worst case scenario, Rick Moranis type of guy.

Although the majority of these covert predators are based in Africa, mainly Nigeria and Ghana, they show up on our dating sites as attractive, Western-looking, perfect potential dates.

They often use false photographs stolen from other peoples’ social media sites and they present too-good-to-be-true stories about their lives and achievements. It’s important to the note that Catfish prey on all types of people.

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