Hibernate saveorupdate is not updating

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Here we are acting on a bit traditional side and using plain JSP encapsulating all Angular JS code we wrote above. Note that you can use other FE technologies instead of JSP (Velocity templates for example). We have also added bootstrap in our view to enhance it’s look & feel. Additionally, we will also perform required Form validation. Empty Result Data Access Exception; import org.springframework.stereotype. Binding Result; import org.springframework.validation.annotation. We will also perform all sorts of validation on UI using Angular JS Form validations. Just for Fun, you can play with the Mock version of Front-end used in this example here.

In our application, we will be communicating with Server which in our example is Spring REST API based back-end. Click on Delete for a user, user should be deleted asynchronously.

What you’ll build : A simple user management project, you can list, create, update and delete an user, via HTML forms.

You’ll also see how to perform the form validation and display the error message conditionally.

In Angular JS based applications, the preferred way to communicate with server is using Angular JS built-in $http Service. Click on Edit for a user, user details should be shown on form. Now click on Update, user should be updated asynchronously.

Angular JS $http service allows us to communicate with server endpoints using XHR [browser's XMLHttp Request Object] API. Thanks to Angular JS Form validation, if you try to provide input which is not as per requirement, you will see validation errors like shown below.

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