The dutch courtesan online dating

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But, as I discovered while researching my new book about him and the women he loved, Casanova was far from being the coldhearted exploiter of women depicted by legend.Vulnerability Though there were many victims among the 200-plus women he seduced, there were plenty of others who preyed on his generosity, his kindness - and his considerable vulnerability.Attracted to strong-minded women who presented him with an intellectual as well as a romantic challenge, Casanova did not pursue sex for its own sake.If he had nothing to say to a woman, he rarely wanted to sleep with her.But as we shall see, it was only later that Casanova would discover the twisted secret behind the nun's seduction, and the depths of depravity she had lured him into.

As the therapist would no doubt discover, his wayward behaviour was all his mother's fault.

He should "tell her the day, the hour of the night, and the place where she should surrender herself" and she would be there.

Never before had even Casanova been propositioned so directly, let alone by a nun.

Leaving him with a hideous and filthy harridan he had never met before, she immediately returned to Venice.

Casanova would not see her again for more than a year and would never again share her home.

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