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If the video is up there on the web, it must be free, right? Then there’s another category of paid subscription or pay-per-view, premium class online video services. Some videos are free to watch and free to download. Some you can download for free, but can’t watch online.It’s definitely on the scholarly side, containing a truly vast array of academic and professional subject matter. I’m using the term general-purpose because these sites cover so much territory when it comes to content. It carries what have become the standard set content categories: movie trailers, TV clips, music video, sports, games, news, celebrities, technology and even anime.Dailymotion is also following the trend to link users to social sharing sites, especially Facebook and Twitter. I particularly like their easy access to free movie trailers.One obvious technique is to type “free videos” into your search engine and see what comes up. Most search engines have a specific Videos category to refine the pursuit, but you’re still faced with an overwhelming amount of choices.A streamlined version of that tactic is to look at aggregators of video resources.Entertainment in the form of movies, television programs, music video is something we just can’t get enough of.Happy to oblige because user traffic is what advertisers want to see, several good sites provide this content for free viewing.

Whether these will be free or some pay per view or subscription plan remains to be seen.

You Tube started by offering a simple way for individuals to upload their own homemade videos so anyone in the world can watch for free.

The value of some of that content is sometimes questionable, but that’s the freedom the Internet offers, and it shouldn’t be any other way.

But they also venture deeper into more serious news, world events and financial content.

Yahoo gets some of its programming from Hulu, and displays ties to ABC News.

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